September | 2021

Health Inequities are differences that result from unfair and unjust systems of power and privilege. Unlike disparities, inequities do not compare one group to another. Instead, they consider disproportionality—over-representation or under-representation of a specific group as compared to the group’s representation (percentage) in the total population.
Discussing health inequities requires us to reckon with root causes driving differences in opportunities for optimal health, such as systemic racism and the resulting disinvestment in communities of color.  

(LOB= Legislative Office Building) 

  • The House and Senate met earlier this week to pass a resolution approving the Governor's renewed Declaration of Public Health and Civil Preparedness Emergencies, which will extend the governor's emergency authority to February 15, 2022.

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  • Come & join the Health Equity for the People by the People (HEPxP) coalition for training opportunities to advocate for affordable healthcare leading up to the 2022 legislative session. The coalition includes CT Students for a Dream, Health Equity Solutions, Ministerial Health Fellowship, & Make the Road CT. Click here to register & watch previous trainings! 
  • We've wrapped up our annual listening sessions! HES conducted 9 listening sessions & an online survey to inform our 2022 legislative agenda. Thank you to all attendees & those who shared event details! To stay updated sign up here 

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  • Check out this COVID testimonial by Executive Director of Ministerial Health Fellowship, Reverend Robyn Anderson 

  • The Health Education Center is Connecticut's FIRST Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Vendor approved through CT's Department of Public Health to offer CHW core competency training for those interesting in becoming a Certified CHW in Connecticut through Pathway One. Visit to register:  

  • Solidarity-Equity-Education CT is hosting a community conversation about mental health on October 3. Register here.  

  • Thank you to our team & COVID canvassers! (See Below) 

HES is a non-profit organization located in Connecticut. Our mission is to promote policies, programs, and practices that result in equitable access to health care, increased quality in the delivery of health care, and improved health outcomes for Connecticut residents. 

Come & join our team! Multiple open positions can be found here

Please join the HES team in wishing happy birthday this month to our Executive Director, Tekisha Everette! 


The HES team wrapped Fragmented Democracy Medicaid, Federalism, and Unequal Politics by Jamila Michener this month. The book speaks to how Medicaid policy inequitably structures opportunities for American residents to obtain their optimal health across the country, contributing to systematic (re)production of economic, racial, and geographic disparities


Medicaid accounts for the largest source of federal funding in state budgets, with $1 going towards Medicaid out of every $6  spent on health care. As a result, state Medicaid policies influence the overall health of each state. Michener tracks the intentional political decisions that have led to the current fragmented design of Medicaid, highlighting that it is no coincidence that underserved communities are treated as undeserving of high-quality, accessible, and comprehensive health care.  

In Connecticut, HES is committed to advocating for a more accessible and transparent Medicaid program that better meets the needs of residents.  


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