"If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you recognize that your liberation and mine are bound up together, we can walk together." — Lilla Watson, Australian artist, activist and academic

Motivational Interviewing is defined as a collaborative conversation style intended to strengthen someone’s motivation and commitment to change and willingness to accept treatment.

It involves a person-centered, non-confrontational approach in which the interviewer listens reflectively and demonstrates empathy to engage with the patient and develop rapport; help the patient to identify a goal for change (a “select behavior”); evoke and reinforce the patient’s internal motivation to change; and help the patient to develop a plan of action to achieve their goal.   


The 2023 Legislative Session in CT has come to an end: Quick Highlights

🎉 Sustainable reimbursement for community health workers passed! This was the result of 2 years of collaboration with the Community Health Worker Association of Connecticut and a coalition of over 100 CHWs and allies. 

🎉 The Department of Public Health will establish a doula certification process! 

🎉 Eligibility for HUSKY programs was increased from age 12 to 15 regardless of immigration status for children whose families meet income limits—progress, but a smaller increase than hoped.

🎉A bill that would have undermined the state’s insurance marketplace by allowing the sale of association health plans in CT failed!

Stay tuned for our legislative session wrap up email…coming soon.  

HES’ 2023 testimony and policy agenda are here. Have a question? Please reach out.


Medicaid Unwinding Updates

During the public health emergency, states did not disenroll people from Medicaid (with a few exceptions). Now, they are beginning to review all enrollees’ information. The “Medicaid unwinding” is expected to have a disproportionate impact on Black and Latino/a communities.  “The overwhelming majority of people who have lost coverage in most states were dropped because of technicalities…” To read more, click here

Here are some resources to help navigate the process: 

  • Network Support Form: To share feedback, experiences, or ask questions about the Medicaid unwinding or enrolling undocumented children in HUSKY: Click here
  • To receive weekly updates from Department of Social Services: email Morgan Leary at morgan.leary@ct.gov 
  • Community partner sessions with Access Health CT: Join the Community Partner Zoom, Chat & Learn sessions to ask questions and share ideas. The next session is Thursday, July 6, at 1:00 pm. Register here
  • We’re hiring! HES is looking for a Fund Development Director to join our team. If you believe that you could excel in this role, we encourage you to apply. For more information:  https://www.hesct.org/joinourteam/ 

The HES Advantage is an extension of Health Equity Solutions that offers customizable, equitable consulting, facilitation, and training services to agencies, health care systems, and communities with a race-forward approach.

We look forward to supporting your organization or group's needs. For more information, please contact info@hesct.org


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