“History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own.” — Michelle Obama
Health Equity in All Policies (HEiAP) is a collaborative approach to policymaking that analyzes the many complex impacts of health policy changes on health outcomes. One approach governments have taken to incorporate HEiAP is requiring health equity impact statements on all policy decisions.

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  • Please note the next state legislative session begins on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 Meanwhile, all members of the Connecticut General Assembly are up for re/election in November. Have a question? Please  reach out.
  • Pledge to vote for #HealthEquity this election! Make health equity and health care a factor in your decision when voting.  As a health equity voter, you pledge to take action on health equity by LEARNING candidates' positions, RAISING HEALTH EQUITY at candidate forums, & RECRUITING other health equity voters.
  • For important voter information, please click here.
  • In August, Health Equity Solutions released a new publication: “Connecticut's Path to Equity: A Guide to State Policy for Health Equity.” This roadmap of policy priorities across sectors to promote health equity was created in partnership with organizations across the state. Over 50 organizations have signed on to demonstrate their commitment to advancing these policies. For more details & see who has signed on, please click hereNOW WHAT?
  • Join us: Guide to State Policy for Health Equity Webinar! Hear from Connecticut advocates about the guide & how you can take action. Register TODAY to join us via Zoom & Facebook on Wednesday, September 28th from 1:00 PM -2:00 PM.

Advancing Racial Equity Symposium

In case you missed it! The Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity, & Opportunity (CWCSEO), CT Black and Puerto Rican Caucus (BPRC), CT Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System (REDCJS), Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), and the Hartford Times (HT) hosted the Advancing Racial Equity Symposium on September 8th to share more information about racial and ethnic impact statements (REIS) and its implementation in CT and across the country.
Click here for the recording of the symposium  https://bit.ly/3Bycdnl
Click here for images of the symposium https://bit.ly/3DsB12R
Through the generous sponsorship by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, HES, in partnership with the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity, & Opportunity (CWCSEO), hosted a series of trainings for the CT legislature and community members. These trainings focused on the importance of racial equity and racial equity tools in combating bias in our policies.
Click here to access the workshop recordings  https://bit.ly/3BBfr9x
Click here to access the resource hub for the workshops  https://bit.ly/3re04zr
If you have any questions, please contact Taylor Tucker  ttucker@hesct.org.

If you are having an event and would like HES to partner, please email us at info@hesct.org.


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Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Emily Bohmbach (She/Her), Policy & Advocacy Specialist; Shantel Graves (She/Her), Executive Assistant; Ichchha Pradhan (She/Her), Policy & Advocacy Specialist; Namandje Wali (She/Her), Program Manager of Training & Outreach. To learn more about our staff & reach out, please click here.
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HES is a non-profit organization located in Connecticut. Our mission is to promote policies, programs, and practices that result in equitable access to health care, increased quality in the delivery of health care, and improved health outcomes for Connecticut residents. 

For this quarter, the HES team started our next book, Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. Join the HES team in reading this excellent book and share your comments with us!
In 2022, HES staff will read one book per quarter for a total of 4 books. Join us in future months! Let us know what book recommendations you have for 2023!

Health Equity Solutions
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Health Equity Solutions
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